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By Corentin , March 2021



At the beginning, it was I, Corentin, who had the idea of ​​going around the world.

I was 21, I was still in computer engineering school. I hadn't even entered the corporate world yet as I already knew it wasn't for me. I wondered what I wanted to do once I got my diploma. Looking for a job as an engineer and taking this path did not make me so happy. And then, the idea of going around the world emerged during an evening during a summer internship in Australia. My friend Alexandre made me discover Nues et Culottés and then it was the click. I had one year of study left but my decision was already made, once I got my diploma I would go on an adventure.

When Robin, my childhood friend, saw that I was serious, he suggested that we go on this great trip together. We did not leave without any experiences from abroad. Although he had mainly traveled to Europe, Robin was returning from an Erasmus semester in Denmark. As for me, I had already taken advantage of my internships to contract the travel virus. I had worked in Vietnam and Australia, hiked in Nepal and backpacked in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore…

In September 2019, we left for an indefinite period: our first big long-haul trip that would take us from France to Colombia, without a plane, crossing the Atlantic by sailboat. Unfortunately, COVID-19 put a premature end to this adventure ... and allowed the birth of a new one.



Initially, the association was created with the aim that this adventure does not only benefit us. It was important to us, Robin and me, to involve and enjoy other people on this trip. From there, the idea of ​​the 80 challenges was born. Its goal was to make us travel with objectives while trying as much as possible to make dream those who offered us these challenges.

And then the Buisson school offered us a partnership and our vision of the association immediately took another turn. We no longer wanted only to benefit other people, but also to participate in the education of the youngest by setting an example on important subjects that we are confronted with today.

While we were setting up a school exchange with a school in Colombia on the themes of music and the environment, we were cut off in full swing by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Back in France, Robin resumed studies but my thirst for adventure had not been satisfied. So I went to volunteer in the south of Italy in a social cooperative. During the few months of confinement that I spend in this social association, I learn a lot, especially about European exchanges and Erasmus + projects. I then rethink the association because, in the current situation, the 80 initial challenges seemed to me more and more far from my real objectives: education, and inspiration via positive storytelling.


22 years old 

Pau, Béarn

Software and IoT engineer

Taking photos in the mountains  during sunset.

Warm beer

" To a valiant heart, nothing is impossible "


22 years old

Jurançon, Béarn

Managerial controller and auditor.

Gazing around in cities about which I know nothing.

People who says "Pain au chocolat"

"Even the longest journey begins with a first step"


Corentin Barrial
  • Gris Icône Instagram

Photographer and filmmaker, Corentin is also the president and co-founder of the association. Today he travels around Europe in his van, in search of new inspiring stories to tell or in search of new projects.


Robin Portes Narrieu

  • Gris Icône Instagram

Community manager, Robin is also the treasurer and co-founder of the association. Today he works in Pau as a community manager and helps us whenever he can thanks to his expertise.

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Loreto Garcia Saiz

  • Gris Icône Instagram

Director and trainer, Loreto has been working with NGOs for several years now. Today she lives where the projects take her to Europe. Whether to make a film or a European training.

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